TIH 343: Michael David Wilson on The Girl in the Video, Horror Fiction in Japan, and Dealing with Self-Doubt

TIH 343 Michael David Wilson on The Girl in the Video, Horror Fiction in Japan, and Dealing with Self-Doubt

In this podcast Michael David Wilson talks about the release of his debut novella, The Girl in the Video, horror fiction in Japan, dealing with self-doubt, and much more.

About Michael David Wilson

Michael David Wilson is the founder of the popular UK horror website, podcast, and publisher, This Is Horror. A professional writer, editor, and podcaster, Michael’s work has appeared in various publications including The NoSleep PodcastDark Moon Digest, LitReactor, Hawk & Cleaver’s The Other Stories, and Scream.  His debut novella, The Girl in the Video, was published via Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing in April 2020, and his second novella, House of Bad Memories, lands 2021 via Grindhouse Press.  You can connect with Michael on Twitter @WilsonTheWriter. For more information visit www.michaeldavidwilson.co.uk

Show notes

  • [04:30] Early life lessons
  • [11:10] Working day
  • [21:00] Finding writing voice and gaining confidence
  • [29:00] The genesis of The Girl in the Video
  • [36:50] Japanese culture and influence on fiction
  • [40:15] People watching and voyeurism
  • [47:30] Is there anything personal that’s off-limits in writing?
  • [56:00] Writing from the wound
  • [1:02:00] Kane Taylor, via Patreon, asks about writing routine and schedule
  • [01:21:45] Kev Harrison, via Patreon, asks about songs in The Girl in the Video
  • [01:26:45] Joe Mynhardt, via Patreon, asks if a specific event triggered The Girl in the Video
  • [01:28:25] Sean Missouri, via Patreon, asks about living in Japan and royalty only payments
  • [01:44:20] Daniel Crow, via Patreon, asks who Michael would like to receive a review from and why
  • [01:45:45] Traci Kenworth, via Patreon, asks about life lessons and what’s up next
  • [01:50:00] Thomas Joyce, via Patreon, asks about dealing with self-doubt

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  1. Michael, great podcast. I pre-ordered the girl in the video and enjoyed the story. I am a writer too and feel this podcast has given me the shot in the arm I needed to buckle down and start sending my work out there for publication.

    1. This is good to hear. Thank you so much for reading The Girl in the Video and very best of luck with your own work. You’ve got this! Michael

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