TIH 341: J.R. Park on 5 Years of the Sinister Horror Company, Conventions, and Health Issues

TIH 341 J.R. Park on 5 Years of the Sinister Horror Company, Conventions, and Health Issues

In this podcast J.R. Park talks about five years of the Sinister Horror Company, conventions, health issues, and much more.

Note: this was recorded before the COVID-19 so unfortunately  many of the conventions referenced were cancelled.

About J.R. Park

J R Park is a co-founder of the Sinister Horror Company. He is the author of Terror Byte, Punch, Upon Waking, The Exchange, Postal, Mad Dog, Death Dreams In A Whorehouse, and Death Dreams At Christmas. His inspiration is drawn from the crazy worlds of exploitation cinema and pulp literature, but with a twist. His writing often plays with form and narrative as he slowly wears down the boundaries of what pulp horror can be.

Show notes

  • [04:20] Sinister Horror Company origin story
  • [09:00] Initial releases
  • [16:30] The biggest risk on a story
  • [23:00] Matt Shaw
  • [39:50] Mad Dog
  • [40:30] What would Justin do differently with Sinister Horror Company if starting out now
  • [44:00] Refreshing back catalogue/keeping interest in it
  • [54:30] Conventions
  • [01:04:00] Justin’s health issues

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