TIH 339: Sadie Hartmann ‘Mother Horror’ on Bookstagram, Movie Triggers, and Social Media

TIH 339 Sadie Hartmann ‘Mother Horror’ on Bookstagram, Movie Triggers, and Social Media

In this podcast Sadie Hartmann ‘Mother Horror’ talks about bookstagram, movie triggers, social media, and much more.

About Sadie Hartmann

Sadie Hartmann is the co-owner of Night Worms, a Bookstagram influencer, and a freelance writer for esteemed horror publications such as Cemetery DanceFangoria, and Scream Magazine.

Show notes

  • [03:10] Conversation start/Sadie’s initial interest in horror
  • [13:30] Those outside of horror reacting to horror
  • [17:40] Movies
  • [22:40] Movie triggers
  • [24:25] Brain cleansers after horror movies
  • [25:20] Life lessons learned growing up
  • [37:00] Sadie’s work within horror
  • [47:30] Bookstagram talk
  • [53:30] Sadie recommends a very important book …
  • [54:30] Instagram rules and ways of operating
  • [59:20] Following people on Instagram
  • [01:07:00] Social media, cancel culture, conflict

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