TIH 322: Jonathan Oliver on Early Life Lessons, Publishing, and Reading Genre Fiction

In this podcast Jonathan Oliver talks about early life lessons, publishing, reading genre fiction, and much more.

About Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver is the multi-award winning editor of The End of The Line, Magic, House of Fear, End of the Road, and Dangerous Games. He’s also written a couple of novels and a bunch of short stories. He lives in Abingdon with his family and their cat.

Show notes

  • [04:10] Early life lessons growing up
  • [10:30] Parental encouragement reading/weird fiction
  • [15:30] First note under the door
  • [24:25] Motivational notes from Jon’s daughter/ parenting and exposing children to appropriate genre horror
  • [44:20] First experiences writing
  • [52:30] Pros and cons of publishing—independent, traditional, hybrid.

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