TIH 303: Nik Korpon on Genre Hopping, Literary Agents, and 500 Rejections

TIH 303 Nik Korpon on Genre Hopping, Literary Agents, and 500 Rejections

In this podcast Nik Korpon talks about genre hopping, literary agents, 500 rejections, and much more.

About Nik Korpon

Nik Korpon is the author of several books, including The Soul Standard, Stay God, Sweet AngelThe Rebellion’s Last Traitor, and Wear Your Home Like a Scar.

Show notes

  • [03:00] Conversation start/ early life lessons
  • [04:30] Memories growing up
  • [06:00] Living in different places
  • [09:25] From Catholicism to Buddhism / art vs artist
  • [17:10] First experiences with story
  • [23:45] Music in formative years
  • [31:05] Genre hopping
  • [37:00] Literary agents
  • [50:35] Resilience, mental health, and 500 rejections

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