TIH 301: Joseph D’Lacey on Self Publishing, Presentness, and Turning Fifty

TIH 301 Joseph D'Lacey on Self Publishing, Presentness, and Turning Fifty

In this podcast Joseph D’Lacey talks about self publishing, presentness, turning fifty, and much more.

About Joseph D’Lacey

Joseph D’Lacey writes horror, SF & fantasy, often with environmental themes, and is best known for his unsettling novel, Meat. Other books to-date include Garbage Man, Snake Eyes, The Kill Crew, The Failing Flesh, Blood Fugue, Black Feathers, The Book of the Crowman, and Splinters—a collection of short stories. He won the British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer in 2009. He also writes children’s stories with his daughter.

Show notes

  • [03:00] Conversation start
  • [04:15] Life lessons growing up
  • [12:50] Mindfulness, meditation, and the moment
  • [14:00] Shutting down writing for twenty years and taking it up again/ presentness and being happy
  • [19:15] Past six years
  • [22:15] Decision to self publish
  • [38:00] Turning fifty
  • [41:25] Initial steps into self publishing
  • [45:55] Ben Baldwin covers
  • [50:20] Splinters cover art story and controversy
  • [55:35] Going exclusively with Amazon
  • [01:02:15] Print books

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