TIH 300: Adam Nevill, Joe R. Lansdale, Josh Malerman, Alma Katsu, Damien Angelica Walters, Stephen Graham Jones, Jon Padgett, and Kathe Koja

TIH 300 Adam Nevill, Joe R. Lansdale, Josh Malerman, Alma Katsu, Damien Angelica Walters, Stephen Graham Jones, Jon Padgett, and Kathe Koja

In this podcast we chat with Adam Nevill about self-publishing, Joe R. Lansdale about genre-hopping, Josh Malerman about the impact of Bird Box‘s film adaptation, Alma Katsu on historical research, Damien Angelica Walters on self-editing fiction, Stephen Graham Jones about language and word choice, Jon Padgett on mental health and parenthood, Kathe Koja on performative fiction, and much more.

Show notes

  • [07:30] Adam Nevill decision to self-publish The Redenning via Ritual Limited
  • [16:00] Bookshops and rise of independent publishing
  • [21:40] Writers’ royalties and retailer discounts
  • [28:00] Facebook and Amazon advertising
  • [32:30] Dan Howarth, via Patreon, has Ritual Limited impacted how Adam wrote The Redenning
  • [40:00] Joe R. Lansdale genre-hopping/storytelling vs. plot
  • [43:30] Bumper Crop and ‘popcorn dreams’
  • [53:00] Dan Howarth, via Patreon, as your career has progressed do you still feel the need to jump head-long into every new idea
  • [56:15] Ryan Whitley, via Patreon, politics, writing, and the present climate
  • [01:10:10] Josh Malerman
  • [01:17:25] Josh is introduced
  • [01:38:20] Impact of Bird Box movie personally and professionally
  • [01:45:55] Alma Katsu historical research
  • [01:55:30] Alice Phelan, via Patreon, asks about historical research and when you can be too inaccurate/what leeway do you have?
  • [01:59:15] Writer identity: Traci Kenworth, via Patreon, asks about ego and knowing you’re a writer
  • [02:09:20] Fame
  • [02:13:00] Damien Angelica Walters self-editing fiction. Ryan Whitley, via Patreon, asks about slaughtering darlings
  • [02:20:35] Alice Phelan, via Patreon, asks about writing beautiful lush prose and whether it’s possible to be ornate and concise
  • [02:26:15] Editing checklist
  • [02:33:05] Dave, via Patreon, asks about editing software
  • [02:36:55] Stephen Graham Jones word choice and language/Dave asks about plain and beautiful writing
  • [02:54:30] David Thirteen, via Patreon, asks about natural narration and correct grammar—what do you look for with students’ work?
  • [02:46:30] The villain of ‘as’/other words used too much
  • [02:52:55] Writing realistic good sounding dialogue
  • [02:54:30] David Irons, via Patreon, asks when the point was that Stephen realised he was the writer he wanted to be
  • [02:57:10] Final thoughts
  • [02:58:25] Jon Padgett: parenthood, mental health issues, and depression
  • [03:29:30] Kathe Koja Dark Factory and performative fiction
  • [03:31:25] Mixed reality
  • [03:36:20] The Cipher reissue and second short story collection
  • [03:39:25] Patreon
  • [03:55:25] Alice Phelan, via Patreon, asks about writing well both in terms of quality and quantity when enduring chronic stress/difficult periods
  • [03:59:50] Final thoughts

About The Authors

Adam Nevill is an English writer of supernatural horror, known for his book The Ritual. Prior to becoming a full-time author, Nevill worked as an editor.

Joe R. Lansdale is the author of over thirty novels and numerous short stories. His work has appeared in national anthologies, magazines, and collections, as well as numerous foreign publications.

Josh Malerman is the author of Bird Box and A House at the Bottom of a Lake and the singer/songwriter for the band The High Strung.

Alma Katsu is the author of The Hunger, a reimagining of the story of the Donner Party with a horror twist.

Damien Angelica Walters is the author of The Dead Girls Club, forthcoming in December 2019, Cry Your Way Home, Paper Tigers, and Sing Me Your Scars.

Stephen Graham Jones is a Blackfeet Native American author of experimental fiction, horror fiction, crime fiction, and science fiction.

Jon Padgett is a professional—though lapsed—ventriloquist who lives in New Orleans with his spouse, their daughter and two cats. Padgett is a Senior Editor of Vastarien: a source of critical study and creative response to the corpus of Thomas Ligotti.

Kathe Koja is a writer, director and independent producer.  Her novels include The Cipher, Skin, Buddha Boy, Talk, and the Under the Poppy trilogy.

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