TIH 296: Brian Keene on The Horror Show Podcast, Retiring, and Leaving Facebook

TIH 296 Brian Keene on The Horror Show Podcast, Retiring, and Leaving Facebook

In this podcast Brian Keene talks about The Horror Show podcast, retiring, leaving Facebook, and much more.

About Brian Keene

Brian Keene writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money. He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres. Keene’s 2003 novel, The Rising, is often credited (along with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later film) with inspiring pop culture’s current interest in zombies. Keene’s works have been translated into German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Taiwanese, and many more. In addition to his own original work, Keene has written for media properties such as Doctor Who and Alien. Keene also oversees Maelstrom, his own small press publishing imprint specializing in collectible limited editions, via Thunderstorm Books. Keene also hosts the popular podcasts The Horror Show with Brian Keene and Defenders Dialogue.

Show notes

  • [01:40] Conversation start
  • [02:30] Roger Venable Upcoming LitReactor class
  • [05:00] When Brian stopped routing for Walt in Breaking Bad *BREAKING BAD SPOILERSS*
  • [08:35] Slashers and caring for characters
  • [10:00] Bryan Smith
  • [17:30] Leaving Facebook
  • [25:30] Origin story for The Horror Show with Brian Keene
  • [34:40] Jonathan Janz
  • [38:00] Stephen Kozeniewski
  • [42:00] Mike Lombardo
  • [46:00] Kevin Watkins, via Patreon, asks about music whilst creating
  • [47:40] The Triangle of Belief
  • [58:00] Brian Noonan, via Patreon, asks what is at Brian’s core
  • [01:00:10] Retiring
  • [01:05:40] Traci Kenworth, via Patreon, asks about Max Booth on The Horror Show
  • [01:07:40] Roger Venable, via Patreon, asks about Manly Wade Wellman novels
  • [01:10:40] Ryan Whitley, via Patreon, asks about stories for new writers from the last twenty years
  • [01:16:50] Golden age of horror/‘horror’ as a label
  • [01:18:30]Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [01:20:30] What Brian hopes people say about him when he’s not in the room
  • [01:22:50] Connect with Brian
  • [01:24:30] Final thoughts

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