TIH 288: John F.D. Taff on The Fearing, Pitching Projects to Publishers, and LitReactor Course Creation

TIH 288 John F.D. Taff on The Fearing, Pitching Projects to Publishers, and LitReactor Course Creation

In this podcast John F.D. Taff talks about The Fearing, pitching projects to publishers, LitReactor course creation, and much more.

About John F.D. Taff

John F.D. Taff is a Bram Stoker Award-Nominated author with more than 30 years experience, 90+ short stories and five novels in print. His first fiction collection, Little Deaths, was named the best horror collection of 2012 by HorrorTalk. Jack Ketchum called his novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, “one of the best novella collections I’ve read.” His fiction collection, Little Black Spots, was published by Grey Matter Press. His latest release, The Fearing: Fire and Rain is out right now. Look for more of his work in anthologies such as Cutting Block Book’s Single Slices, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, The Beauty of Death, Shadows Over Main Street 2 and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders. Taff lives in the wilds of Illinois with three pugs, two cats and one long-suffering wife.

Show notes

  • [02:00] The Fearing release and genesis
  • [21:45] Alan Baxter story/genre conventions
  • [26:00] What makes Grey Matter Press stand out
  • [36:00] Pitching projects to publishers
  • [53:00] Thomas Joyce, via Patreon, asks about the biggest challenges when writing longer fiction and John’s preferred story length
  • [58:00] Novellas
  • [01:02:30] John Foster, via Patreon, asks about John’s greatest fear
  • [01:06:30] John Foster, via Patreon, asks which sin John is most aligned with and why
  • [01:12:40] Roger Venable, via Patreon, asks about Litreactor course creation and insights
  • [01:20:00] Connect with John/final thoughts

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