TIH 220: Patrick Lacey on We Came Back, Collaborations, and Worst Writing Advice

TIH 220 Patrick Lacey on We Came Back, Collaborations, and Worst Writing Advice

In this podcast Patrick Lacey talks about We Came Back, collaborations, worst writing advice, and much more.

About Patrick Lacey

Writer of Bone Saw, PractitionersDream Woods, and We Came Back. Collector of weird stuff. Drinker of coffee and IPA.

Show notes

  • [01:55] Working with Sinister Grin Press on We Came Back
  • [02:45] We Came Back most personal story
  • [05:35] Marketing and promoting a charity release
  • [10:05] Scott Kemper, via Patreon, asks about co-writing and collaborations
  • [16:40]Thomas Joyce, via Patreon, asks about rebooting a classic horror movie franchise in the written form
  • [20:00] Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Evil Within, and video game talk
  • [26:00] Experimental metal and back to video games …
  • [42:05] What frightens Patrick
  • [49:00] Worst writing advice
  • [51:30] Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [54:30] Connect with Patrick
  • [55:35] Final thoughts

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