TIH 201: Kristi DeMeester on Growing Up, Important Life Lessons, and MFAs

TIH 201 Kristi DeMeester on Growing Up, Important Life Lessons, and MFAs

In this podcast Kristi DeMeester talks about growing up in a fundamentalist religious household, important life lessons growing up, and MFAs.

About Kristi DeMeester

Kristi DeMeester is the author of Beneath, a novel published by Word Horde, and the author of Everything That’s Underneath, a short fiction collection published by Apex Publications. Her short fiction has appeared in publications such as Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year Volume 9, Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volumes 1 and 3, Black Static, The Dark, Apex Magazine, and several others

Show notes

  • [04:00] First experiences with story
  • [07:10] Getting into trouble for reading
  • [16:40] Anne Rice
  • [19:25] Growing up in a strict fundamentalist religious household: atmosphere and obstacles
  • [34:30] Pivotal moments and realisation religion and lifestyle wasn’t the life wanted to lead
  • [38:05] How upbringing and experiences inform interactions with students and parenting style
  • [43:50] Important life lessons
  • [47:05] First experience writing stories
  • [54:40] Positives and negatives of MFA

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