TIH 191: Antony Johnston on Life Lessons, Creativity, and Social Media Discipline

TIH 191 Antony Johnston on Life Lessons, Creativity, and Social Media Discipline

In this podcast Antony Johnston talks about early life lessons, creativity, social media, and much more.

About Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston is a New York Times bestselling graphic novelist, author, and games writer with more than fifty published titles. The Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde is based on his graphic novel The Coldest City. His epic series Wasteland is one of only a handful of such longform achievements in comics. His first video game, Dead Space, redefined a genre. His latest novel The Exphoria Code is out now.

Show notes

  • [04:50] Interview start/ important life lessons growing up
  • [08:10] Childhood dreams/writing aspirations
  • [13:20] Silencaeon
  • [22:15] Self-doubt
  • [29:15] Books on creativity
  • [33:50] The internet and social media discipline

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