TIH 173: Nadia Bulkin on Unpacking Tropes, Japanese Horror, and Writing About Topical Themes

TIH 173 Nadia Bulkin on Unpacking Tropes, Japanese Horror, and Writing About Topical Themes

In this podcast Nadia Bulkin talks about unpacking tropes, Japanese horror, writing about topical themes, and much more.

About Nadia Bulkin

Born in Indonesia, Nadia Bulkin spent half her childhood there, and the other half in the US midwest. Author of numerous short stories, her work has been featured in several Best of anthologies, including the excellent anthology Creatures, edited by Paul Tremblay and John Langan, Aickman’s Heirs, and is featured in the soon to be released Tales From a Talking Board. Her first collection, She Said Destroy was recently released through Worde Horde. Nadia currently resides in Washington D.C.

Show notes

  • [02:00] Unpacking tropes and making stories viscerally meaningful
  • [10:00] A recent horror movie a lot of people raved about that Nadia didn’t like
  • [18:00] Japanese horror movies/Scream/sequels/Alien/Ron Perlman
  • [36:50] Forthcoming novel
  • [47:50] Jake Marley, via Patreon, asks about process, outlines, and structure
  • [53:00] Kev Harrison, via Patreon, asks about topical themes
  • [58:10] Any themes or political elements that are off-the-table
  • [01:01:00] Boxwino, via Patreon, asks about favourite short stories that help understand structure of short stories
  • [01:06:50] Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [01:09:10] Something Nadia believes that others don’t
  • [01:17:50] Something changed mind about recently
  • [01:19:20] Connect with Nadia
  • [01:19:40] Final thoughts

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