TIH 154: Nick Gucker on Advice for Artists, Yokai, and Conventions

TIH 154 Nick Gucker on Advice for Artists, Yokai, and Conventions

In this podcast Nick Gucker talks about yokai, conventions, and gives advice to artists.

About Nick Gucker

Nick Gucker’s art has appeared on the covers and the innards of numerous Lovecraftian, horror, and weird fiction publications. His illustrations embellish publications from Word Horde, Spectral, Deadite, Swallowdown, Eraserhead, Perilous, Splatterpunk, Blysster, Uncle Mike’s Woldwide, Ulthar, Eryx, Martian Migraine, Dunhams Manor, Dynatox, Lovecraft eZine, and Sinister Grin Press. In 2012, Nick won the Pickman’s Apprentice Iron Artist challenge at the Portland HP Lovecraft Film Festival and he created artwork used for the 2013 HP Lovecraft Film Festival posters and merchandise. Nick has exhibited his works in a variety of group gallery shows. In 2014, Nick had his first solo show at Spectrum House, “A Compendium of Curious Creeps”. Nick’s artwork has appeared in two music videos produced by Phil Mucci and Diabolik Films.

Show notes

  • [03:10] Interview start/art
  • [08:40] Yokai
  • [17:35] Conventions
  • [21:45] Favourite conventions for business and for social
  • [31:35] Advice for artists starting out looking to establish themselves
  • [37:30] Biggest newcomer mistake
  • [40:20] Working on multiple projects simultaneously
  • [49:40] Most useful art purchases under £100 and £1000
  • [52:55] Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [01:02:35] Dim Shores chapbook and Nick Gucker t-shirts
  • [01:09:50] Connect with Nick

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