TIH 142: Alasdair Stuart on Pseudopod, Comics, and Audio Stories

TIH 142 Alasdair Stuart on Pseudopod, Comics, and Audio Stories

In this podcast Alasdair Stuart talks about Pseudopod, audio stories, comics, and much more.

About Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart is the owner of Escape Artists, Inc., as well as host of PseudoPod and co-host of Escape Pod. His work has appeared in the Guardian, How It Works, the Fortean Times, Sci Fi Now, and Neo.

Show notes

  • [03:45] Interview start/first experiences with story
  • [11:05] Hellblazer stocked with children’s comics
  • [14:00] Interacting with audio stories
  • [19:10] Starting out with Pseudopod
  • [26:30] Lessons learnt from podcasting and what would do differently if starting out now
  • [34:00] Fiction podcast of the year
  • [41:30] Future goals for Pseudopod and Escape Artists
  • [52:20] Long form story podcasts

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