TIH 116: J. David Osborne and Michael David Wilson on Podcasting, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Nutrition


In this podcast J. David Osborne and Michael David Wilson interview each other simultaneously. They talk about podcasting, authenticity, the beauty of imperfection and much more.

About J. David Osborne

J. David Osborne is the Portland, Oregon based author of the Wonderland Award-winningBy the Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends, Low Down Death Right Easy, and Black Gum. He is currently the publisher-in-chief of the weird crime fiction press Broken River Books.

About Michael David Wilson

Michael David Wilson is the Founder of the popular UK horror website, podcast and small press, This Is Horror (you know, the website you’re on right now). A professional writer, editor and podcaster, Michael has worked for various publications and companies including 2000 AD, Terrorizer, LitReactor, Broken River Books and Scream. A professional ESL Teacher and graduate of The University of Warwick’s English Literature and Creative Writing Programme, Michael is currently working and living in Japan. You can connect with Michael on Twitter @WilsonTheWriter.

Show Notes

  • [03:15] Conversation start/why the This Is Horror Podcast started
  • [07:45] Podcasting, vulnerability, authenticity, quoting out-of-context, the advantages of the podcast medium
  • [14:20] Benefits retrospectively discovered via podcasting/considerations while communicating via text
  • [18:40] Internet vs in-person perception of JDO/how much you should care about other’s perception of you/
  • [22:35] Fear of failure/the problem with perfectionism
  • [29:25] The beauty of imperfections/editing
  • [38:45] This is horror/the new ‘stick with me’ genre
  • [43:50] Diet/fitness/mindfulness: Paleo; depression and diet/exercise; why MDW started living a paleo lifestyle; considerations other than diet
  • [54:45] JDO’s supplement stack and optimising food and nutritional value

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