TIH 055: Jeremy Robert Johnson on Skullcrack City, The Mars Volta and What To Read

Skullcrack City

In this podcast Jeremy Robert Johnson talks about Skullcrack City, The Mars Volta and selecting reading material. 

About Jeremy Robert Johnson

Jeremy Robert Johnson is the author of We Live Inside You, the cult hit Angel Dust Apocalypse, the Stoker Nominated novel Siren Promised (w/Alan M. Clark), and the end-of-the-world freak-out Extinction Journals. His fiction has appeared internationally in numerous anthologies and magazines. In 2008 he worked with The Mars Volta to tell the story behind their Grammy Winning album The Bedlam in Goliath. In 2010 he spoke about weirdness and metaphor as a survival tool at the Fractal 10 conference in Medellin, Colombia (where fellow speakers included DJ Spooky, an MIT bio-engineer, and a doctor who explained the neurological aspirations of a sponge). He is also the founder of indie publishing house Swallowdown Press and is at work on a host of new books.

Show notes

  • [00:55] Interview start/best things happening in horror today
  • [04:05] Changing genre labels and consumer habits in-store and online
  • [07:25] Marketing, promoting and surviving as an artist
  • [14:35] The Mars Volta
  • [18:12] Musical influences
  • [24:30] Worst things happening in horror today
  • [26:50] Selecting reading material and recommendations
  • [31:10] An introduction to the work of Jeremy Robert Johnson
  • [32:05] Current projects and aspirations
  • [35:16] Connecting with Jeremy Robert Johnson


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