TIH 019: Looking back at Hannibal Season Two with Booked

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In this podcast we sit down with Robb Olson and Livius Nedin from the Booked Podcast and discuss Hannibal Season Two. If you head over to the This Is Horror website you’ll also see a slideshow of Mads Mikkelsen’s suits in Hannibal.


[02:10] Impressions of Season two of Hannibal

[08:00] Hannibal the fighter

[11:25] The food

[16:45] Suits

[21:50] Favourite characters

[30:00] The evolution of Will Graham

[40:03] Jack Crawford

[42:49] Looking forward to season three

[57:50] Mads Mikkelsen revolutionising Hannibal Lecter

[01:01:00] Prison Break tangent

[01:03:52] Penny Dreadful 

[01:07:00] Introducing Rust (True Detective) to the Hannibal series. After this the podcast deviates into mentions of Game of ThronesSherlockDoctor WhoFargoPenny Dreadful.

[01:36:40] TV series upcoming: Scream and Friday The 13th 

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