This Is Horror Awards 2018: Public Nominations Are Open

This Is Horror Awards

It’s the final day of the year and the public nominations are now open for the eighth annual This Is Horror Awards. Here are the categories:

  • Novel of the Year
  • Novella of the Year
  • Short Story Collection of the Year
  • Anthology of the Year
  • Fiction Magazine of the Year
  • Publisher of the Year
  • Fiction Podcast of the Year
  • Nonfiction Podcast of the Year

Readers can e-mail in their nominations for each category. Taking into consideration the nominations for each category This Is Horror will then draw up a shortlist.

We invite you to include one sentence as to why each nomination is award-worthy.

The public nominations stage runs from 31 December 2018 until 14 January 2019.


  1. To be eligible for an award, where applicable, the creative work must have been released between 5 December 2017 and 31 December 2018. This means that the first release/publication must have occurred within the above time period.
  2. You may only nominate two items per category. If you nominate more than two, This Is Horror will only recognise your first two nominations.
  3. You may nominate in as many categories as you like.
  4. Do not send in a nomination for your own work.
  5. All nominations must be emailed to with the subject line ‘This Is Horror Award Nominations 2018′.

Public nominations close at 12:01 a.m. PST on 14 January 2019. 

Note To Publishers

Publishers are invited to send in eligible work to This Is Horror for consideration. We will happily accept digital files, ideally in mobi format.

Additional Notes 

  • ‘Fiction Magazine’ is open to both digital and physical magazines.
  • ‘Fiction Podcast’ refers to podcasts that are fictionalised. Think audio dramas, short stories, ongoing stories, fictionalised docu-dramas.
  • ‘Nonfiction Podcast’ refers to any podcast that is not fictionalised.  This includes interviews and reviews that cover fiction.

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