This Is Horror Awards 2011: A Note

Mutant by Vinny ChongIn order to decide the This Is Horror Awards 2011 the site staff had a round table discussion and each put forward nominations – in each category – that they had no affiliation to. Having reached a consensus decision we put the nominations up to the public vote.

The This Is Horror Awards nominations reflect what our staff have read and loved this year, and whilst we endeavour to read as much as we can we fully anticipate that there will be some genuinely brilliant works that have escaped our attention.

This is the first year of This Is Horror, we are young and passionate with a lot to learn and hopefully a lot to give too. Next year and from then on, nominations from the general public will begin in September to ensure the widest possible eligibility.

Very best wishes,

Michael Wilson

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    • Lisa on December 24, 2011 at 6:09 pm
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    Undead Tales (Rymfire)
    They have my vote.

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