The Cutting Room: Wolf Creek TV Series

Wolf Creek, a six-part drama series, is a psychological thriller set in the world that fans of the films will recognise – but this time things are different. At first the pattern is familiar: Mick Taylor targets an American tourist family to terrorise and destroy. But the tables are turned when 19-year-old Eve survives the massacre and starts to rebuild her shattered existence by embarking on a mission of revenge.

Why we’re looking forward to this: The first Wolf Creek was a minor masterpiece of Australian terror that introduced the world to one of the genre’s most charismatic and riveting maniacs in recent times in the form of Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). The recent sequel, Wolf Creek 2, not only cemented Taylor’s place in the loony tunes hall of fame, but we couldn’t help but actually kind of like the guy, despite his tendency to indulge in a little mass murder and torture here and there.

We very happy, then, here at This Is Horror that a new six part television series featuring Mick Taylor is on the way, which will hopefully combine the sweeping majesty of the Aussie outback that was showcased to spectacular effect in the two films with what could well turn out to be an epic, deadly cat and mouse game between Taylor and survivor Eve (Lucy Fry).

Even if Mick Taylor were to just turn up on screen and tell tasteless jokes for the entire six hours we’d be happier than a Roo in, well, whatever Roos are happy in, so we’re already firing up the barbie and cooling a case of Fosters in anticipation of returning to Wolf Creek next summer.

Wolf Creek will premiere exclusively on streaming service Stan in mid-2016 but should reach the rest of the world not long afterwards.


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