The Cutting Room – The ReZort

The Rezort posterIn the aftermath of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, rich holidaymakers can visit a luxury theme park where every paying guest has a license to kill the captive undead in organised Zombie Safaris. Such Zafaris are the ultimate blood sport experience and for many much-needed therapeutic revenge for suffering horrendous family losses. When the security system crashes at The ReZort, unleashing hordes of bloodthirsty zombies on the unprepared holiday makers, it’s up to former zombie hunter Archer (Dougray Scott) to save the day.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Described as The Walking Dead meets Jurassic World, what’s not to look forward to with this new zombie flick from The Outpost director Steve Barker? Who among us hasn’t dreamed of going on a zombie killing spree but without the fear of getting bitten! What could possibly go wrong? Ah, about that…

With tough guy Doughray Scott on board, and a trailer that is packed with action adventure and enough cadaver carnage to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty gorehound, The ReZort looks like it could be a somewhat novel take on the zombie apocalypse and worth signing up for.

The ReZort is screening on Saturday 27th August at FrightFest.



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