The Cutting Room: The Harvest

On Christmas Eve, a little girl is woken up by a noise. Thinking it’s Saint Nicholas leaving her presents, she walks through the darkness of the living room, only to find that something has taken over her house. Now, she must try to escape before this evil presence gets her.

After last week’s gory Star Wars short, it seem fitting to have another horror themed sort as we wait for a strange man to steal into our houses as we sleep and leave things for our children.

The Harvest adopts a similar style of animation to the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas and is as scary as anything we’ve seen made of clay for a long, long time. Directed by Colombian Jorge Jaramillo and written by Luis Fernando Mora, The Harvest apparently combines the Latin American myths of witches who transform into birds and the Icelandic legend of Gryla, a mythical ogress who stomps down from the mountains to hunt down naughty children and feast on their flesh.

Clocking in at less than three minutes, The Harvest is an ideal aperitif to your Christmas horror film of choice, and comes highly recommended from us here at This Is Horror.

That’s it for The Cutting Room for 2015, so eat, drink… and be Mary if you wish, and we’ll see you in 2016!

You can watch The Harvest below right now! Merry Christmas!


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