The Cutting Room: The Empire Falls

The Empire Falls shows the reality of the Battle of Endor as the Empire faces the beginning of the end. Shot in a gritty, realistic style, Star Wars fans will see a more realistic portrayal of the conflict that they have previously encountered.

It can’t have escaped your notice that there’s a brand new Star Wars film out this week, and while it’s a pretty safe bet that The Force Awakens won’t fall into This Is Horror territory (though you could argue that the prequel trilogy unleashes all kinds of horrific memories) this fan short from director Michael Hurst (House of the Dead 2) is awash with violence and gore.

For those who think the Ewoks were somewhat cuddly little creatures, The Empire Falls presents them in a whole new light and actually makes us sympathetic towards the Stormtroopers who are dropped onto Endor in the belief that they are restoring peace to the galaxy.

Though it clocks in at a shade under five minutes, The Empire Falls packs more punch that than the entire six plus house of the prequels, and makes us wish that there could be a more visceral, adult version of Star Wars, though with the House of Mouse in charge these days that’s never likely to happen, so let’s be thankful that there are still fans out there willing to create their own visions of that galaxy far, far away.

The Empire Falls is available to watch HERE and is well worth a look.


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