The Cutting Room: Tax Shelter Terrors

tax-shelterposterTax Shelter Terrors is a documentary about how the Canadian Government tax incentives helped develop Canada’s horror and exploitation film industry, creating some of that country’s genre films.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Wait, come back. While not a horror film per se, this documentary explores the background to how some of the genre’s most beloved fright flicks came to be made, thanks to the Canadian government’s investment in the film business.

Films like Terror Train, My Bloody Valentine and Prom Night were made possible due to the Canadian tax breaks discussed in this documentary, and while it’s fun to watch the actual films, sometimes the stories behind their creation and the business side of the industry can be every bit as riveting, and terrifying, as the tales themselves.

Tax Shelter Terrors premiered at Horror-Rama in Toronto last week, but will hopefully be given a wider release in the not too distant future.


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