The Cutting Room – Shark Exorcist

A demonic nun summons Satan to a small fishing village, where he takes over the bodies of a great white shark and a young woman. A chain reaction of evil grips the tiny community as shredded bodies wash ashore. A Catholic priest arrives, and he must fight both teeth and temptation on land and sea in order to send these man-killers back to Hell before the tide comes in for good!

Why we’re looking forward to this: Demonic nuns and possessed sharks! What’s not to look forward to? We do love a bit of light hearted, not entirely serious horror here at This Is Horror (even if the film is trying to play it straight) and Shark Exorcist ticks all the right, or should that be wrong, boxes to that end.

Directed by Donald Farmer, who has previously brought us such classics as Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Cannibal Hookers and An Erotic Vampire In Paris (nope, we haven’t seen them either), the trailer informs us that the only thing more dangerous than a shark in the sea, is a shark in a She (you may groan, we did), and with the promise of flying, yellow eyed sharks and a blonde with more teeth than a zipper factory we’re already looking forward to sitting down with a pizza and a six pack to enjoy Shark Exorcist!

Shark Exorcist is released on DVD on June 24.


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