The Cutting Room: Horns and See No Evil 2


hornsIgnatius “Ig” Perrish wakes up after a heavy night on the booze to discover that his girlfriend has been raped and murdered, and that he is the prime suspect. Shortly afterwards he suddenly sprouts the titular horns and discovers that he has paranormal powers that he uses to try and find the real killer.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Joe Hill has been quietly carving himself a decent niche in horror fiction, with both Heart Shaped Box and Horns being very entertaining books, and now his work is deservedly crossing over to the big screen. Yes, he’s Stephen King’s son, but that fact doesn’t make him a great writer. The fact that he’s actually a great writer is the reason that we really enjoyed Horns as a novel and are now looking forward to seeing Alexandre Aja’s adaptation.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, who you may remember from a mildly successful boy wizard series a few years back, Horns has the makings of a deliciously unorthodox thriller that will definitely benefit from Aja’s touch – his love it or hate it Haute Tension (aka Switchblade Romance; High Tension) and brutally effective remake of The Hills Have Eyes are favourites of ours – and from the strength of the trailer looks to shaping up to be a dark movie indeed.

Horns hits the cinema on Halloween.

See No Evil 2

seenoevil2After his murderous spree at the Blackwater Hotel in the first film, deranged psychopath Jacob Goodnight is in the city morgue. When a group of medical students decide to hold a party there, to nobody’s surprise but theirs Goodnight rises from the dead to pick up where he left off.

Why we’re looking forward to this: The first See No Evil was an entertaining low budget romp from WWE Studios so we’re looking forward to more of the same as WWE Superstar Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, reprises the role of Jacob Goodchild. Given that he portrays the role of ‘the Devil’s favourite demon’ in the long running wrestling sit-com that is WWE, the acting here isn’t exactly a stretch for him but he did pull off the first one with aplomb.

Add genre favourites Danielle Harris and Catherine Isabelle to the mix and we’re looking at a potentially entertaining Halloween B-movie that should tick all the boxes for a beer and pizza night in.

See No Evil 2 is out on DVD on 20 October.

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