The Cutting Room: Creeper

Heather and her friends have some devilish fun on the social website, ConnectMeNet. However, their amusement has come at the expense of a lonely and medicated half-wit, Jerry Tobin. After goading him into humiliating himself on camera in various cruel acts of depravity, they post the clips online for the world to see in a video titled “Revenge on a Creeper”. This ruins Jerry’s meagre life and he disappears without a trace… Fast forward a year, and the tables are now turned when Jerry re-emerges, off the anti-psychotic medication that clouded his thoughts and kept his demons at bay. Now the girls are forced into a nightmarish fight for their lives!

Why we’re looking forward to this: We all know the plot, we’ve seen it a thousand times – kid gets tormented, kid gets revenge – but it’s been a good while since there’s been a decent revenge b-movie, and Creeper looks like it might just fit the bill.

Actually finished in 2012, the success of another social media slasher flick, the critically lauded Unfriended, has rescued Creeper from unreleased limbo and sent it on a collision course with our screens. We’re hoping for a good old fashioned smorgasbord of sexy, scary and shocking, just like they used to make them in the 1980s when the revenge slasher flick was at its height, and have our fingers crossed that Jerry Tobin (played by Darryl Baldwin – no relation to the other fabulous Baldwin boys) is a traditional old school psycho with a fertile imagination and a variety of murder weapons.

Creeper is out on DVD on 29 September.



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  1. Looks interesting! Good to see indie horror get a chance after the big budget success of another film. Too bad it will be regarded as the ripoff!

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