The Cutting Room – Bunny The Killer Thing

A bloody hilarious spoof (apparently) that follows a group of young adults who head to a remote cabin for a winter weekend. But soon they are confronted a half man, half creature who is compelled to stick his, ahem, dangerously large penis into anything that resembles female genitals. Naked women (and men) are forced to flee into the snowy wilderness, blood is soon shed and all kinds of human orifices are violated as the vocabulary-challenged Mr. Bunny (“Pussy!” is the limit of his words) wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting vacationers.

Why we’re looking forward to this: We here at This Is Horror are aware that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, but though it may sound and even look like, judging by the trailer, a practical joke we can assure you that Finnish horror comedy Bunny The Killer Thing is a real movie, and one that should be taken not with a pinch, but with a barrel full of salt.

That said, it falls squarely into the realm of the ‘not to be taken too seriously’ genre, featuring as it does a man in an thrift store bunny suit with an impressively large and, so the trailer suggests, flexible penis chasing and defiling both men and women in his quest for, well, who knows what.

Sometimes you just want to crack open a six pack of your favourite beer, turn off your brain and be entertained by something mindless, and if that’s the case then Bunny The Killer Thing looks to be just the ticket. Definitely not family friendly or date movie material, this is a film to be approached with an open mind, and quite possibly an empty stomach.

Bunny The Killer Thing is available on VOD and from Amazon from 16 May.


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