Tales of the Nun & Dragon

Tales of the Nun and the Dragon“The Nun and Dragon was the perfect name for a pub, but since none of us have a pub we made it a book instead. I’m very pleased we did,” says Adele Wearing on upcoming genre collection, Tales of the Nun & Dragon.

The anthology features 23 short stories from a range of genres and authors including Simon Bestwick, Jasper Bark, Mark West, Wayne Simmons and others, as well as internal illustrations by Kieran Walsh. “There are zombie dragons, latex nuns, trips through time, nunsploitation and some unusual fantasy tales and fables,” Adele Wearing explains talking exclusively on the Fox Spirit page.

“When Adele first contacted me about the anthology I did think the theme was a bit bizarre, and I wondered if I could even come up with an idea for it. However, like all seemingly bizarre ideas there was more than a touch of genius behind it and, as it turned out, my story just about wrote itself. Adele’s bizarre genius is borne out in the huge number of styles and genres reflected in the contents from wistful fantasy to hardboiled horror and from nunsploitation to poetry. I was really proud to be involved in this anthology and I’m even prouder to have it on my bookshelf,” says award-winning author and contributor to Tales of the Nun & Dragon, Jasper Bark.

Tales of the Nun & Dragon is volume one of the Bushy Tales series and is currently available as an ebook via Amazon UK and Amazon US. The full line-up of writers can be viewed at the Fox Spirit website.


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