Spectral Press at FantasyCon 2012

Simon Marshall-Jones and Spectral Visions author, Stephen Volk at FantasyCon 2012Brighton’s an interesting place in terms of contrast: it’s where many retire to in their twilight years, and it’s a seaside resort attracting thousands of tourists every year; it is also incredibly bohemian in disposition and atmosphere, plus it’s the gay capital of the UK. It’s full of fascinating examples of architecture from the last couple of hundred years (including the Prince Regent’s [later King George IV] Royal Pavilion, built between 1787 and 1823 and rendered in a then extremely fashionable Oriental style, with minarets and domes aplenty) but it’s also full of tourist tackiness and hyperactive nightclub life. Lastly, it’s a place where a dignified and genteel decay rubs shoulders with garish neon modernism and concrete.

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  1. I would love to visit a place of fun like this one, because where I stay they don’t have anykind of place like this nor do the people here care for fiction writers of anykind I don’t think and retirement to many is where the old like to kick off their shoes and sit back and listen to different groups of songsters, poetry, authors of all sorts and priest and or preachers come and laugh, share great stories and give them encouragements to comfort their hearts, etc. Yes, I would love to visit a place of retirement and read to the elders!

  2. FantasyCon was a blast – I always leave with a billion books or so and a massive dose of inspiration.

    The Spectral reading were great, Simon, very entertaining and a great way to build the anticipation for Mr Volk’s forthcoming work. As for Mr Probert, well I’ve already got stuck in to Nine Deaths…

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