Spectral Press announce new novella series

The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary FrySpectral Press, since its inaugural chapbook publication released in January 2010 (Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark), has made a deep impression in the world of genre small-press publishing, most notably for the excellence of the stories published, as well as the care lavished on the presentation and editing. However, like all such enterprises, remaining static isn’t an option and there’s always room for expansion – and, in light of that, Spectral recently announced a new line of occasional publications to complement and further enhance the reputation it has already gained in the short time it’s been around. The new line will be known as:


The books published under this umbrella title will be published irregularly and will take the form of novellas, available in a variety of formats: limited hardbacks, Print on Demand paperbacks and e-books for all the major platforms. The novella format will allow writers more freedom creatively (hence Spectral Visions, to represent that extra layer of creativity), so no doubt there will be a few surprises along the way – but, having said that, the watch-phrases will still be excellent storytelling in tandem with high-quality presentation.

The first in the line, to be published in April 2012, will be Abolisher of Roses author Gary Fry’s The Respectable Face of Tyranny (the hardback version will also contain a bonus novella – World Wide Web). The same attention to detail that Spectral is renowned for in its line of quarterly chapbooks will also be the keystone concern for the novellas, across all formats. They will also represent exceptional value for money and, of course, will continue to bring readers the high standards of quality expected from Spectral.

For further information or to keep up with what’s happening with the Spectral imprint, please visit Spectral Press today!


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  1. This is great news. Can’t wait to read Gary Fry’s book.

  2. This is exciting news indeed, really looking forward to this next round of literary goodness!

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