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SnowtownMarch 2012 sees the release of gritty Australian horror film Snowtown. Available from Revolver Entertainment, the film has been described as harrowing and brutal by critics both here and in Australia.

Based on a true event, Snowtown tells the compelling story of Australian serial killer John Bunting. Set in Adelaide in the 1990s, John Bunting becomes increasingly irritated by the ineptitude of local police, becoming a vigilante and beacon for the working classes in the city.

The story focuses on sixteen year old Jamie, a boy who longs to leave his troubled background behind him. He latches on to John Bunting as a surrogate father figure, becoming compelled and repulsed as Bunting proceeds to kill 11 people in the name of what he thinks is right.

Snowtown is the harrowing story of how one boy struggles to deal with who his surrogate father really is.

Snowtown is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from 30 March 2012.


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