New Round-up Week Ending 31 May

The Evil WithinThe Evil Within

Tango Gameworks have released details and stills of their new game The Evil Within which will be released across multiple platforms in 2014. Although details are scarce at this time the game has been directed by Resident Evil guru Shinji Mikami. The stills show that the horror is truly ramped up in this which promises to provide plenty of brown trouser moments for ardent gamers. This Is Horror will provide more details as they become available.

Digital release for The Numbers Station

The Numbers Station, directed by Kasper Boeford and starring John Cusack was released digitally in the UK on 27 May. The film features CIA agents trapped in a rural outpost after a routine mission is disrupted by forces unknown. The film can be downloaded from all digital media outlets.

Trailer emerges for The Wretched

The Wretched is a new horror film set in the Middle Ages and is written by newcomer Colin Watts. The film features a garrison of Roman soldiers overrun by the undead and stars Joey Kern of Cabin Fever and Ashlynn Yennie from The Human Centipede franchise.

Worcester invaded by horror writers

Worcester Literary Festival will be hosting a horror panel on 19 June as part of its wider schedule. Dave Jeffrey, Steve Byrne and This Is Horror’s very own Adam Millard will be discussing horror writing and the genre as a whole at Drummonds Bar at The Swan with Two Nicks. Tickets are available for £3 on the door.


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