Review: High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

High Moor Graeme ReynoldsIf High Moor were a Premier League football match it would be a Monday Night Special between two mid-table sides that ends in a 4-4 draw or a 6-3 win; it’s not the beautiful game played out by twenty-two players at the height of their technical abilities but, by god, it’s thoroughly entertaining.

The bulk of the novel is set in the wonderfully evoked, and well-researched summer of 1986. A carefree time of BMX bikes, twenty pence mix-ups and a certain, diminutive, cheating Argentinean footballer. The book centres on three friends who venture into the woods to build a tree-house and end up with more than they bargained for when they encroach into the territory of a werewolf.

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  1. the werewolf is as exciting as a character as it’s opposite Dracula in the same meaning as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I almost fancy the werewolf as much or more than I do the blood sucking vampire and have written some stories of the vampire of my own and looking into making a few stories of my own about the werewolf as well in the near future so rock on Dracula and Mr. Werewolf!!!

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