Resident Evil 6: New Details Revealed

Resident Evil 6Following the recent release of the Resident Evil 6 trailer, developers Capcom continue to drip-feed us details about the plot of the game. Building on the intricate story built over the last five games, Resident Evil 6 brings back some old favourites and introduces a few new characters to boot.

Set in the fictional Chinese coastal town of Lanshiang in the year 2013, Resident Evil 6 features Leon S. Kennedy who was originally seen in Resident Evil 2. Since surviving his ordeal in Raccoon City Leon has joined the government’s worldwide fight against bioterrorism.

Leon is joined by fellow government agent Helena Harper. Helena was featured strongly in the announcement trailer and seen admitting to Leon that the current incident was her fault, no doubt the details of this revelation will become clear later in the game.

Another old favourite Chris Redfield returns for Resident Evil 6. Having suffered a personal trauma in recent months he is back on the job and determined to counter the recent bioterrorist strike.

In addition to characters such as Adam Benton – the current President of the United States – and Leon’s trusted colleague Ingrid Hunnigan, there is the currently unnamed third protagonist. Few details about him are known. He is an Eastern European mercenary who has been told that he will be able to save the world. However, it seems at this point he is much more interested in money.

New characters and locations are put to the test by new enemies. The zombies that made the series famous return yet this time we see them behave more like those in 28 Days Later, than the shuffling, shambling monstrosities from previous games.

Resident Evil 6 also features a horrific creation called the J’avo – the Serbian word for Devil. The J’avo are incredibly strong and aggressive in addition to understanding human speech. Perhaps their most terrifying characteristic is their ability to regenerate after damage and mutate specific body parts into varied forms.

In addition to content announcements, Capcom have also made a point of announcing a new control system that will give the player full control of characters, allowing them to roll or jump at will in order to combat the enemies being thrown at them.

Keep checking This Is Horror for Resident Evil 6 over the coming weeks for more details on this incredible looking title.


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