Remembering The Dead

Surviving The DeadFollowing up from the success of his film The Dead, director/producer Howard J Ford has written a thorough and honest account of the trials and tribulations of making the cult hit film.

Surviving The Dead tracks the Ford brother’s filmmaking journey through testimonials and on-set pictures that get under the skin of the cinematic processes involved. The book takes the readers on a journey from England to Africa and into the true hell of making an ambitious film on a tight budget.

Detailing the horror of malaria-plagued Africa and laying bare the stresses and tensions amongst cast and crew, Surviving The Dead pulls no punches in delivering an insightful and passionate account for all aspiring filmmakers.

The book is available for pre-order on the official Surviving The Dead website for a discounted price of £2.99. It will then be expanded to Amazon and iTunes amongst others on 1 March where it will be available for £3.99.


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