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August V. Fahren

August V Fahren

August V. Fahren is the author of highly entertaining and weird (i.e. bizarro) fantasy and horror stories. Often these quirky and strangely compelling tales are described by their contrasting elements such as sweet and demented or hilarious and horrifying. August is a personality collector of the highest caliber, an avid traveler, and is hopelessly addicted to movies. Many of his adventures spanning more than a ten-year period were chronicled in his non-fiction Seduction Secrets series.

Mad Mannequins From Hell by August V FahrenWhat first attracted you to horror writing?

I have always had a fascination with the darker end of the spectrum. If I had to try and pinpoint an exact time, I’d say it was when I read Stephen King’s Night Shift in fourth grade. Although [at that point], I had been watching horror movies for years.

What is your most notable work?

Mad Mannequins from Hell is the most notable for recognition from my peers, but Thursday Thistle is my best seller.

What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on getting the word out about my new book. As far as writing projects go, I’m tossing around a few ideas. It will probably be the dark carnival book or the rom-com horror about electricity gone wrong.

Who do you admire in the horror world?

I’m not sure we have time to list everybody. However, a few of the people I admire are Andersen Prunty, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Carlton Mellick III, Richard Matheson, Brian Keene, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow, Neil Gaiman, Norman Partridge, Eric S. Brown, Thomas Ligotti, Joe McKinney, and anyone else that has provided a blurb for my books.

Do you prefer all-out gore or psychological chills?

I’m a fan of both. At the moment I prefer horror that is new and brings a fresh perspective, like Thomas Ligotti’s work. If the work has a strong voice and an element of the weird, I’ll enjoy the book.

Thursday Thistle by August V FahrenWhy should people read your work?

Most people who read my work do so for the ‘what the hell?’ or ‘how did he do that?’ factor. For example, Thursday Thistle is most often described as strange, sweet, and demented, while Mad Mannequins from Hell is a creepy, funny, and weird book. Above all else, I write books that bring the fun back to reading.

Recommend a book.

At the moment my favourite book is Apeshit by Carlton Mellick III (the same author as The Cannibals of Candyland). Basically it’s like a better version of that movie Cabin in the Woods.


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