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DeadwaterWhen and how did Living Dead Press form?

LDP formed in January of 2009, and it sprang out of a desire to give new and upcoming writers a place to get started.

What attracted you to the horror genre?

Personally? Well, I enjoy the challenge of writing for various age groups and genres, so when I had a chance to write horror I didn’t shy away. I found that I liked the limitlessness of the genre, and the imagination it can entail. Now I write more horror than anything else.

What type of horror do Living Dead Press publish?

Zombie, apocalyptic, and some straight horror. We like fun action packed stories that will grasp you from beginning to end, and we aren’t afraid of the extreme, or gore!

Talk us through some of the key authors at Living Dead Press.

Jose Alfredo Vazquez, Kelly M. Hudson, Jesus Morales, John Stowers, Jeremiah Coe, myself (Rebecca Besser), and many more. Each writer brings something new to the table and Living Dead Press is proud of each and every one of them.

What are your upcoming releases?

The End: A Zombie Novel by P.A. Douglas; Dead Army, Book 10 of the Deadwater Series; and Tales of Bigfoot.

What Living Dead Press releases are you most proud of and why?

LDP is proud of all its releases! They are each as unique as the author who wrote them, offering a broad spectrum for fans to read!

Do e-books threaten or complement the print industry?

Change is always complicated. E-books are really taking off and it’s a bad thing to not be on board. Even if you’re old school and love to hold a book in your hands, it’s best to give the consumer what they are looking for. Not being in the e-book game can seriously hurt you, if that’s what’s selling. But, I think there are still a good many people who want to hold a book in their hands, so I don’t see them vanishing anytime soon.

Dead RageAre you currently open for submission?

Yes, we are taking submission for Tales of the Dead, a zombie anthology with a photo prompt, and submissions are still open for Earth’s End: A Scifi Anthology. You can view the guidelines on our website (see the bottom of the page).

What authors would you love to see write for Living Dead Press?

Anyone is welcome, as long as the story is fun. Names don’t matter because we pride ourselves on being independent.

Who is the most influential horror writer of all time and why?

Personally I love Dean Koontz. His books, The Face, and Whispers, were fascinating and twisted in many dark ways. I’m currently reading The Dark Tower series by, Stephen King and think his complexities and depth are amazing. I think they both bring something interesting to the table and show us how it’s done. It would be awesome to have that kind of success. There are also many, many more horror writers who have brought a lot to the table and the genre, but these two come easily to my mind.

What does the future hold for Living Dead Press?

Making books, and pushing the envelope to publish what other publishers won’t or can’t.

Living Dead Press

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