[Preview] SU 001: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

SU 001 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

We recently released the first episode of our brand new podcast, Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing for all patrons pledging at $3 and above.

But perhaps you’re on the edge about pledging at $3 or simply don’t have the money right now. Good news! We’re releasing a preview of the episode, a 20-minute sample of our discussion on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. There’s also an intro, outro, and outtake in this preview.

Here are the show notes for the full episode so you can see what we get into.

  • [0:00] Introduction: What works/what doesn’t work for us in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • [19:25] Things that didn’t work for us
  • [32:15] Scene-by-scene analysis
  • [36:30] ‘The ticking time bomb’ is in fact ‘the ticking clock’. Two very different things …
  • [55:15] The hitchhiker/Mr. Sawyer and the gas station
  • [01:18:30] The group splits up/Act Two
  • [01:24:10] First kill/bone room
  • [01:37:30] Second and third kill
  • [01:53:00] Sally and Franklin’s decision
  • [02:01:50] Hey Grandpa!
  • [02:05:30] The gas station
  • [02:18:30] Act three
  • [02:24:10] Time to bring Grandpa in
  • [02:31:50] The ending
  • [02:34:30] Remakes, via Adrian Shotbolt
  • [02:41:50] Patreon comments and questions
  • [02:42:30] Travis Earl asks about messages in TCM
  • [02:54:10] Frederick Siem shares thoughts on TCM
  • [02:55:35] Grant Longstaff asks about the Grandpa and the supernatural, human flesh bbq, windows, and whether TCM holds up
  • [03:12:10] Key takeaways/actionable points for writing

Listen to the full Story Unboxed Podcast on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


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