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This Is Horror Podcast Episode 001: Chained review and interview with Jennifer Lynch


In this podcast we discuss Chained, directed by Jennifer Lynch and starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Julia Ormond and Eamon Farren. The discussion is followed by an interview with Jennifer Lynch.


[1:50] Rundown of Chained

[5:11] Bob’s attachment to Rabbit

[6:30] Steering away from torture porn

[10:00] On-camera throat slitting

[11:27] Comparisons to David Lynch films and television

[15:00] The twist at the end *SPOILER ALERT*

[23:16] Is Chained a hit or a miss?

[26: 47] Does the performance of the younger and older Rabbit join up and does it matter?

[32:27] The rating

[34:45] Jennifer Lynch interview

[35:50] Dark comedy in Chained

[39:03] Stockholm syndrome and the relationship between Bob and Rabbit *SPOILER*

[41:05] Bob’s bond with Rabbit and his own father issues

[43:06] Rehabilitation and punishment: real monsters

[45:00] On and off screen violence

[47:37] Cuts to original script

[49:45] Influence from real life serial killers

[51:09] Chained soundtrack by Climax Golden Twins

[54:53] The powder room, the teddy bear and cinematic voyeurism

[56:20] Jennifer’s cameo as the cooking show host

[57:36] Skype casting and the future of cinema

[59:44] First take material in Surveillance and Chained

[1:00:53] Vincent D’Onofrio

[1:04:01] Fall From Grace

[1:05:08] Writing and directing television

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This Is Horror Chained review

This Is Horror Jennifer Lynch interview

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