Paul Kane and Red Splat Pictures team up for Lunar film

Paul KanePaul Kane, genre favourite and award-winning writer perhaps best known for the Arrowhead trilogy, is collaborating with Red Splat Pictures for forthcoming film Lunar. Dubbed as in the tradition of I Am Legend and Night of the Living Dead, this will certainly whet the appetite of most horror fans.

Brad Watson who will be directing said, “I am very excited to be attached to this project at this early stage, Paul Kane is fantastic to work with and I am a big fan of his work.”

Paul is equally elated to be working alongside Brad, “It’s great that I’m finally getting to work with Brad on a feature, especially after working on the short film Wind Chimestogether. I’ve been a big fan of his since I watched and reviewed Asylum Nighta few years ago, and he’s gone from strength to strength with 7th Dimension. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this project and I know Lunar’s in very safe hands.”

The hardback and paperback version of Lunar was released on 30 September whilst production completion of the film is set for early 2014.


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  1. Hello Paul,
    I wish you all the best on your book and it’s becoming into a movie. I love to read fresh new horror stories and I can’t wait to sink my mind and hands into a good horror story. I love to turn the pages and smell the scent of the pages leaves and some of them smell like the scent of perfume or the characters and that is often times a type of musky smell. The last time I smelled that strong type of aroma, it was an even louder smell like stank musk- dracula musk. Either way, I love all type of horror stories and these kind just makes horror more interesting to read and watch and especially around halloween. Wait until the literary world get a hold of my story Nor Marie: vornalla walckenaer- a spider mystery book book one and Nor Marie: the rise of the barbarian spider book two.

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