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TIHP 027: This Is Horror Writing Challenge, Self Editing, and Writing Funks

TIHP 026: Rereading Novels, Current Projects, and Films to Unbox

TIHP 025: Rewarding Podcast Experiences, Horror and Heavy Metal Connection, and Future Releases

TIHP 024: MDW’s Personal Update, Top Three Favourite Interviews, and Future MDW BP Collaborations

TIHP 023: How Much Is Too Much Research, Current WIP, and Korn with Max Booth III

TIHP 022: Us, Parenting and Writing Output, and Preparing For Podcasts

TIHP 021: Coronavirus, The Girl in the Video, and How To Make Co-Writing Partnerships Work

TIHP 020: Disturbing Stories, Writing Band Style, and Current Favourite Stories

TIHP 019: Happy New Decade, Adapting 2019 Books into Movies, and Bob’s Writing Habits

TIHP 018: Pivotal Horror and Revising Old Material

TIHP 017: Horror and Comfort, Horror Movie Novelisations, and MDW’s Health Update

TIHP 016: Dream Anthologies, Submitting Stories, and Current Writing Projects

TIHP 015: Composing Good Horror Stories, Reading Preferences, and Horror Short Story Markets

TIHP 014: November Q & A, #ThankYouPatrons Session Two

TIHP 013: #ThankYouPatrons Special November Q & A

TIHP 012: Favourite Horror of 2018 (So Far), Harlan Ellison, and Writing Goals

TIHP 011: Collaborating Together, Writing Work That Doesn’t Comfortably Fit Genre, and Michael’s Forthcoming Novella

TIHP 010: Social Media Marketing, Supernatural Fiction, and Building Suspense

TIHP 009: Career Goals, Future Plans for the Podcast, and Ambition vs Easy Living

TIHP 008: Time Management, Dream Interviews, and Keeping Stories Tight

TIHP 007: Self-Publishing and Small Presses, Current Reads, and Looking to the Future

TIHP 006: Writing Tools, Beta Readers, and The Next This Is Horror Publication

TIHP 005: Time Management, David James Keaton VS Stephen Graham Jones, and Favourite Horror Subgenres

TIHP 004: Short Story Challenge, Story Planning, and Writing Soundtracks

Patrons Only Episode Three

TIHP 002: Current Writing Routines and Horror Hobbies

TIHP 001: Writing Process, Dream Guests, Music, Book Purchases and Day Jobs

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