Flash Fear: Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m. by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Christmas Eve 5.24pm by Simon Kurt Unsworth, Illustrated by Rich Sampson

We are incredibly excited to present both the second in the Flash Fear series and the second Christmas themed short appearing on This Is Horror. ‘Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m.’ by Simon Kurt Unsworth is illustrated by Rich Sampson. Enjoy and do please leave your comments in the comment section below. Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m. by …

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Win Horror Genre Prizes: Like Us

Having built up such a brilliant following with Read Horror and See Horror it’s a rather daunting task to build up such an incredibly fanbase again. Fortunately we reckon you’re a loyal bunch, and failing that we’ve decided to entice you with some swag. A prize draw will take place on Wednesday February 1 where …

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The Tracks of My Fears: Confessions of a Horror Movie Music Collector


The soundtrack CD for Hammer’s 1973 production The Satanic Rites of Dracula arrived in the post the other day and as I removed its cellophane wrapper I realised I hadn’t heard most of the music on it for the best part of thirty years, which also happens to be pretty much the length of time …

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Welcome to This Is Horror

It’s incredible to think just how far Read Horror has come since its birth in April. What started as a one-man operation focussing on fiction has evolved into a seventeen-person strong website covering horror in all its guises. To describe it as an evolution, I feel, is accurate as we have always made little steps …

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Adam Nevill Interview

Adam Nevill in the woods

We are incredibly proud to present to you a three-part Adam Nevill interview series. For the first and second parts please click through. Adam Nevill Interview: Part 1 Adam Nevill Interview: Part 2

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