S.L. Grey Interviewed

Women in Horror Recognition month continues with S.L. Grey. Interview: S.L. Grey

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Last chance to win great prizes

Meet The Writer

Last year we told you that if you simply liked us on Facebook you could win horror prizes. We announced a preliminary list of prizes and promised we would announce the full line-up at a later date. Well friends, with January 31 now past the competition has closed and the final prizes are listed below. …

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Interview: Alison Littlewood

To celebrate Women in Horror Recognition Month, our very own Alan Kelly is interviewing two women within genre each week. First up this week is Alison Littlewood who has recently her debut A Cold Season. You may recall our review of A Cold Season a week ago. Alison Littlewood Interview

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The great e-book revolution (and why you should judge a book by its cover)

This month, Simon Marshall-Jones examines social media and the influx of e-books. Why you should judge a book by its cover

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Flash Fear: The End of February by Paul Meloy, Illustrated by Nick Gucker

The End of February by Paul Meloy Illustrated by Nick Gucker

It’s that time again! And what a fabulous flash fiction we have for you. Paul Meloy recently announced his collection Islington Crocodiles would be re-released by Bad Moon Books later this year, but for now we bring you The End of February, a brand new flash fear illustrated by Nick Gucker. The End of February …

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Review: Hell Train by Christopher Fowler

Earlier this month Solaris released Christopher Fowler’s Hell Train. John Llewellyn Probert explores the Hammer film that was never made. Hell Train by Christopher Fowler reviewed

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Spectral Press announce new novella series

The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry

Spectral Press, since its inaugural chapbook publication released in January 2010 (Gary McMahon’s What They Hear in the Dark), has made a deep impression in the world of genre small-press publishing, most notably for the excellence of the stories published, as well as the care lavished on the presentation and editing. However, like all such …

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A horror writer’s guide to Australian Horror

Outback Australia

As many of you will know, yesterday was Australia Day; we decided it would be a good idea to commemorate this with a horror twist. So after careful consideration we made contact with Lisa L Hannett, the author of Bluegrass Symphony and we’re very glad we did, and are sure you will be too! An …

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Meet The Writer: Chuck Wendig

Today we are honoured to bring you an interview with Chuck Wendig as part of our Meet The Writer series. If you haven’t already, you should check out Chuck’s blog Terrible Minds it’s a great resource for established and aspiring writers. Interview: Chuck Wendig

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Meet The Writer: Samuel Bonner

What first attracted you to horror writing? When I was around eighteen and studying creative writing at London Metropolitan, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, because he said there was a story in there that the film Candyman was based on (I’m a big horror film fan, …

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Win Prizes: Support This Is Horror

Thank you for reading This Is Horror, it really is a pleasure to watch the readership grow on a weekly basis. It is a testament to how much support the genre has on a global level (did you know our readership is split almost equally between the UK, US and Australia?). And whilst our columnist, …

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Where has traditional horror gone and will it ever come back?

This month the most decorated man in horror, Wayne Simmons asked The Gorefather Shaun Hutson a superb question that formed the basis for his January column. This is what Wayne asked, “For me, your writing feels like Noir: most of your protagonists are as fucked up as the antagonists, more anti-heroes than heroes. There’s lots …

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Review: A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood

If you were to break A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood down into a series of bullet points you would perhaps consider it to be a collection of well worn tropes and themes; small village cut off by unnatural elements? Check! Deeply religious, estranged father? Check! Sinister, unfriendly locals? Check! Scary, feral children? Check! However …

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Ink on Ink: Shaun Jeffrey

Shaun Jeffrey, author of The Kult, Deadfall and Killers speaks about his tattoos in Ink on Ink. Ink on Ink: Shaun Jeffrey

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What is a good review?

John Llewellyn Probert checks in from Probert Towers to talk film reviews with us this month. The Bloodstained Balcony – January 2012

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