News Round-up Week Ending March 21

Hellraiser-pinheadThe M Word

Horror publishers Big Pulp are releasing a brand new bi-annual magazine this May which they have lovingly dubbed M which stands for Murder and the Macabre. It is a publication of horror fiction and covers everything grim, gruesome and violent. From horror fiction to crime and even some dark poetry. Print versions will be available from Big Pulp in May alongside eReader versions for Kindle and other platforms. Find out more from the Big Pulp website.

Found Footage Bites!

Found footage meets vamps. Evan Tramel’s Black Water Vampire has made its way onto DVD and will be landing on UK shores on March 24.

A Race Against…

Paul Hough’s The Human Race, a film festival favourite, has now been released In the UK. The press claims the film will deliver blood, sweat, tears and a truly original premise.

Tear Your Soul Apart

The greatly anticipated documentary Leviathan: The Making of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 has completed shooting in UK studios and will shortly be moving on to their US studio phase. They have already completed 24 separate interviews with the cast and crew, including one with Simon Sayce, the designer behind the Lament Configuration puzzle box. Release is scheduled for Autumn this year.

Grimm Up North

GrimmFest returns to Manchester in October for the sixth time and will be screening new and old cult horror films with premieres, special screenings and celebrity guests. This year brings the exclusive UK screening of James Franco’s extreme adaptation of Cormac Mccarthy’s Child of God and a showing of the 1987 Robocop. Check out the GrimmFest website for tickets.


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