News Round-up Week Ending April 4


Flying Pussy

If you cast your mind back to the storms in the winter you may remember the BBC reporting the bizarre weather in Surrey in which cats were literally lifted off the ground in a mini-tornado. How could that not inspire a film? Catfurnado is Fetch Screen Entertainment’s (a new branch of Fetch Publicity) response to that freak weather event, and their very first movie.The production is scheduled for the summer, to be released in 2015.

Diamond Dead

There has been a second wrestling legend added to the cast of the upcoming feature DEAD Afterlife. The former WCW Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page has landed an unspecified role and will join Austin Idol, playing the role of The Gatekeeper in the upcoming horror in which the spirit world and the undead collide. This zombie/ghost mashup is brought to you by director Jared Cohn and writer Michael Joy and features an all-star horror cast. Check out DEAD’s Facebook for more information.

Criminal Icons

It’s a good week for horror icons. This week’s episode of Criminal Minds features several horror icons in guest roles, including Adrienne Barbeau of The Fog and Creepshow and Tobin Bell of the Saw series. Entitled Blood Relations, the episode deals with a simmering feud between families. And murder, of course.


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