News Round-up Week Ending 7 March 2014

Planet TerrorHorror to be Invoked on DVD

Childhood trauma and evil come home to roost in the chilling film, The Invoking. After being raised by foster parents, Sam takes her friends on a trip to her original childhood home, only to find everything is not quite how she remembers… The film is available on DVD on 12 May.

Dead Call launched by Abaddon

Dead Call by Doctor Who scribe Mark Clapham is the latest book in the Tomes of the Dead series. A small boy can see ghosts, a curse he tries to ignore until one of them warns him of an impending zombie horde. The novella is the first result of Abaddon’s open call in 2012. Dead Call is available to download now from Rebellion online store.

Grey Matter hooks up with John F.D. Taff

Grey Matter Press have announced a deal with John F.D. Taff that will see a collection of five brand new novellas hitting the shelves in Summer 2014. The book will be called The End In All Beginnings, the novellas it contains will discover the theme of life and death through time and space. This Is Horror will bring you the release date as soon as it is available.

Grimm Up North goes Grindhouse

Grimm Up North are proud to present their latest screening The Full Grindhouse Experience. The event will feature a screening of Deathproof and Planet Terror, complete with full trailers by Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. The screening is on 14 March at The Dancehouse in Manchester. Tickets are available direct from Grimm Up North.


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