News Round-up Week Ending 7 June

The CondemnedNew books from Gray Friar Press

Gray Friar Press have announced two new titles are now available to buy on their website. First is the Paul Finch edited Terror Tales of London  featuring stories from Adam Nevill, Nina Allan and Mark Morris amongst others. Secondly is The Condemned by This Is Horror’s political malcontent Simon Bestwick. The Condemned is a collection of six novellas and is available in hard- and softcover now. Both books can be ordered at the Gray Friar Press website.

DarkFuse release The New Flesh

DarkFuse have announced that Keith Deininger’s first novel The New Flesh is available to buy from their Amazon Store. The novel is the story of Jake, a fourth grader who started a fire behind his house and now has started dreaming of an insidious Melting Man… The book can be ordered from the DarkFuse Amazon page.

GrimmFest 20 June screening

Grimm Up North will be holding a double screening of Sanitarium and Static on 20 June at The Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester. All tickets that are ordered in advance will be entered into a draw to win a cinematic goodie bag. Head over to the Grimm Up North website to order your ticket and enter the draw.

The Ring director returns

Hideo Nakata’s new film Death Game, will be released on DVD on 8 July. The film has been described as a perverted take on the TV show Big Brother where the contestants have to kill or be killed…


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