News Round-up Week Ending 21 February

Horror 101 takes shape

Crystal Lake Publishing have announced details of the ever expanding TOC for their forthcoming non-fiction horror book Horror 101: The Way Forward. In addition to essays by Gary McMahon, Jasper Bark and Steve Rasnic Tem, there is also fantastic cover art by Ben Baldwin. The book will be released in March 2014.

Horror Channel offers more Hammer

Horror Channel have announced another run of Hammer Horror double-bills in March 2014. Horror Channel will show Hammer classics such as Quatermass and The Pit on 8 March and Lust For A Vampire on 22 March. The season of double-bills begins with The Plague of the Zombies on Saturday 1 March. For the full list of titles and dates head over to the Horror Channel website.

Games Creatures Play

Games Creatures Play is a forthcoming anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner and will be released by Jo Fletcher Books on 3 April. The book will feature stories from Charlaine Harris and Brandon Sanderson among others and will explore the how games unleash the worst of humanity.

Gods and Monsters live on

Abaddon have announced the next book in the Gods and Monsters series that was created by Chuck Wendig. Gods and Monsters: Myth Breaker by Stephen Blackmore is the second installment in the series and will continue to build on the characters and mythology that Wendig created for the first book. The book will be released in December 2014.


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